Viktoria Ikonen (b. 1986)

Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.



2004-2010               M.F.A. The State Academy of Art and Design (the Mukhina Arts Academy)

                                Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2002-2008               Modern Painting Masterclass of Professor Mosevitch S. P., SAAD, Russia

2002-2005               Analytical Drawing Masterclass of Professor Kazakov B. B., SAAD, Russia


Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2019                        ものがかたるとき / When Objects Tell a Story, solo project

                                Sangenya Apt. art space, Onomichi, Japan

2019                        Muted Flood, in collaboration with St. & St. and Nobushige Kono

                                Hors art centerSt. Petersburg, Russia

2018                        R/J, two-person show with Nobushige Kono

                                Berthold center, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017                        Changes / Constancies, solo project, P-galleria

                                Porin Taiteilijaseura ry, Pori, Finland

2016                        This Error is Forgivable, two-person show with Nobushige Kono

                                Artreflex gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2015                        Something Real, solo project, Mart gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia 


Selected Group Exhibitions and Fairs

2021    upcoming    Water Under the Bridge, MISPSt. Petersburg, Russia

2020                        Contiguous Spaces, AZOT gallery, Moscow, Russia

2019                        Hullu Talo, Toinila art spacePetäjävesi, Finland

2019                        Soviet Youth, Shalash Museum / Museum Complex in Razliv, Russia

2018                        START Art Fair, Abode, Saatchi gallery, London, the United Kingdom 

2017                        Buy Art Fair, Abode, Manchester, the United Kingdom

2017                        Casa non Casa, Toinila art spacePetäjävesi, Finland

2017                        10, Artreflex gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016                        Retrospect, K35 gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016                        Start in Art, K35 gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015                        Contemporary Istanbul, BIQ institution, Istanbul, Turkey

2015                        Open Studios, GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany

2015                        Borders and Boundaries, Mixer gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2014                        Haihatus International, Haihatus art center, Joutsa, Finland

2014                        Open Studios, CanSerrat art center, Barcelona, Spain

2013                        Muu Maa / Other Country, Haihatus art center, Joutsa, Finland 



2017                        RaumArs, Rauma, Finland

2015                        GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany

2014                        Haihatus art center, Joutsa, Finland

2014                        Can Serrat art residency, Barcelona, Spain

2014                        Halka art residency, Istanbul, Turkey

2013                        Haihatus art center, Joutsa, Finland



2020                        Interval Art competition / Curated show with finalists

                                St. Petersburg / Russia

2016                        Start In Art competition finalist / Support the young artists

                                K35 gallery, Moscow / Russia

2014                        Can Serrat art residency / Support participating residency program

                                Barcelona / Spain