Viktoria Ikonen was born in Leningrad in 1986. 2010 graduated from The Russian State Academy of Art and Design with the Master’s degree.

During her studies she attended painting  and analytical drawing workshops by professors Mosevitch S.P. and Kazakov B.B.


Since 2013, the artist has participated in various shows in Russia and Europe and attended international art residencies. The list included Haihatus art centre in Finland, Can Serrat art residency in Spain, Halka art residency in Turkey and GlogauAir in Germany. In 2014 she was a recipient of a monthly support stipend in Can Serrat art center in Barcelona, Spain and in 2016 became finalist of StartInArt competition organized by K35 gallery in Moscow. Member of the Berlin Istanbul Quarter (founded in Berlin, 2014), the collaboration organizes

selective exhibitions by interconnected artists throughout the European continent. Priority themes are globalisation, borders, dissolution of boundaries, migration. In 2015 the organisation participated in Contemporary Istanbul art fair.

Artist statements

When Ikonen set off to work with photo imagery, she inevitably encountered the problem of the relationship between photography and painting in contemporary painting. The artist was mostly inspired by the idea of how relative and dual our reality is – which consequently turned into a long-term artistic exploration. Ikonen’s current projects and research focus on thinking about how to represent the actuality around us and how the interconnection between nature and structure, abstraction and figuration, traces of history and marks of present in contemporary landscape demands different treatments for each portrayed area. While the image has remained realistically concrete in its matter-of-factness and at the same time surreally distanced in its unrepresentability, painting evolves into type of abstraction and using narrative subject becomes unnecessary.


Text by Anna Glinkina